Our services
Bodacious Group services can be divided into four distinct service offerings:


We provide our customers with appropriate metering solutions, including hardware and software, that enable them to effectively manage their utilities. This includes metering for electricity, gas and water and ancillary equipment such as load control devices and power factor correction equipment.

Metering solutions include:

  • On-site manual monthly meter reading
  • Automated/remote meter reading services with metering data downloaded at regular intervals varying between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the client’s specific requirements.
  • Prepayment Metering
  • Smart Metering


The monitoring services provided to our clients include:

  • Cost calculation based on actual metering data.
  • Comparison reports.
  • Fault and alarm reporting.
  • Monthly bill verification which includes obtaining bills from the Supply Authority i.e. City of Joburg, Ekurhuleni and Eskom, and comparing same to the sub-meter reading to ensure that the clients are charged correctly.
  • Tariff verification – ensuring that the client is always charged at the correct and most beneficial tariff available.
  • Monthly energy balancing services whereby the energy received is compared to the energy used as measured by the bulk supply meters and sub-meters.
  • Monthly reconciliation of all metering information.


The Utility Management Services come full circle (meter-to-Municipality) as the Group provides its Customers with:

  • Accurate and detailed metering and billing information to all consumers and tenants under its care;
  • Early detection ensures timeous and appropriate maintenance.
  • Correct advice, based on best practice, on corrective action to be taken to improve energy balancing.
  • Assistance, information and guidance to resolve any billing and tariff queries which its Customers may have with it Supply Authority i.e. Municipality, Eskom, Rand Water etc.
  • Access to the Group’s detailed and in-depth knowledge of all By-Laws, Local Government Law and other regulatory legislation which govern the provision of utility related services to the Customer.


Using the metering information, knowledge of tariffs and always ensuring legal compliance, the Group advises its Customers on optimisation and cost saving strategies which also minimise risk and raise awareness.

Reports and information provided to Customers must at all times be relevant, accurate and useful with the ultimate goal of benefiting the Customer in all utility related matters.

The Group also provides Customers with advice on access to, cost saving interventions, such as:

  • Solar
  • Waste Management Solutions
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Load Control devices and Solutions
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