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Accurate metering through compliant equipment forms the backbone of the Group’s services. Whether it is for cost management, environmental sensitivity or risk control, we live by the saying that if you don’t know where you are, you cannot determine where you are going.
By sourcing equipment that fits the customer’s needs, rather than supporting a specific brand, the Group provides products and utility management services to a wide range of customers in any of the following areas:
1. Residential/Domestic
2. Commercial
3. Light Industrial
4. Industrial
Products include:
Products include:
1. Conventional and prepayment meters of a suitable accuracy class
2. kWh meters
3. Maximum demand electricity meters
4. Prepayment electricity meters (single and three phase)
5. Bulk water meters for large consumers
6. Residential water meters
7. Prepayment water meters
8. Power Monitors
9. Remote metering solutions
10. Smart Meters
11. Gas Meters
12. Remote metering
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